NAIG Council Launches Bid Process For 2027 Games

COMMUNITY, June 22, 2022 - The North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) Council, today officially launched the bid process for the 2027 North American Indigenous Games. The Games are the largest multi-sport and culture event for Indigenous youth in North America, bringing together more than 5,000 participants from over 756 Nations every four years. In addition, NAIG includes a vibrant cultural program showcasing local and North American Indigenous cultural groups and entertainers.

Bids are encouraged from interested host cities, communities, or organizations within Western Canada, which includes communities from the following provinces/territories of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon and Northwest Territories. Interested parties are encouraged to review the 2027 NAIG Bid Procedures Manual, which outlines the requirements and milestones for the bid and after the Games are awarded.

"NAIG Council is excited to launch the 2027 Bid Package. We have worked closely with the 2023 Host Society and are very grateful for their support in getting this ready. This is the first rotation bid process and we look forward to the applications from our Western Provinces and Territories." NAIG Council President, Shannon Dunfield

The 2027 NAIG Bid Evaluation Committee will oversee the bid process and will advise all potential host cities of the bid evaluation process. The NAIG Bid Evaluation Committee and Technical Review Committee will assess the bid in three phases. A Technical Review will be conducted in March 2023, with a Site Evaluation Review will be conducted in April 2023, and final presentations to NAIG Council board May 2023. The final decision to award the 2027 North American Indigenous Games will be made by the NAIG Council Board of Directors at the Closing ceremonies of the NAIG 2023 games hosted in Halifax, Nova Scotia July 2023.

Each North American Indigenous Games features eight days of competition, between 14 and 16 sports, approximately 5,000 participants (athletes, coaches and managers), multiple cultural demonstrations and performances, along with 3,000 volunteers.

The North American Indigenous Games can be expected to generate approximately $15 to 20 million in economic spending in the host province or territory.

The North American Indigenous Games Council

NAIG Council is the International Governing Body for the NAIG exercising exclusive jurisdiction, either directly or through its affiliate members, over all matters pertaining to the Games. It ensures the purposes and philosophies are reflected in all aspects of the NAIG.

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Shannon Dunfield
President - NAIG Council

2027 Bid Package

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