The North American Indigenous Games Council, host societies and other partners realize the potential of a strong cultural program that would not only be for the benefit of the participants but also to the wider host community.

A cultural program at any NAIG shall be consistent with the founding principles being:

  • To promote indigenous cultural activities and exhibitions
  • To promote local indigenous history and culture
  • To ensure a traditional ceremonies that are utilized by the Host Territory are provided for NAIG participants
  • To ensure that traditional foods are for sale throughout the village
  • To ensure that indigenous people are showcased to sell, demonstrate and promote their crafts and artwork.
  • To ensure that indigenous people showcase knowledge and information pertaining to aboriginal youth programs.
  • To ensure that an Elders Program is designed to promote cultural and historical sharing through storytelling, ceremonies and interchange
  • To showcase a cultural gala of performers from all participating units at the opening of the Cultural Village
  • The cultural program shall be generally available and appealing to the general public in the host community and jurisdiction and all participants and visitors of the NAIG

The NAIG Council conducts itself in a manner that is consistent with local cultural practices and traditions wherever they meet. Local elders are requested to sit in on NAIG Council meetings to introduce the community, offer prayers to open and close meetings and at mealtimes. They also provide insight and other perspective on discussions and decision making. More importantly, they ensure Council is conducting their business with respect to the community and to each other.

At their November 2011 meeting in Ignacio, Colorado, USA, the NAIG Council created an "Elders Advisory Committee". This committee will be formed to guide the Council in their day-to-day operations, at board meetings, and advise on a NAIG cultural program. A member of the Elders Advisory Committee will be appointed as an ex-officio member to the Executive Committee.

Mr. Alex Nelson, former NAIG Council President and Chief Executive Officer for the 1997 North American Indigenous Games, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada has been appointed the first member of the Elders Advisory Committee. Other potential members will be identified and announced in the near future.

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