Legacy Planning

All previous hosts left substantial legacies to the community. 2002 and 2008 NAIG hosts established formal a legacy planning program that oversaw the distribution of physical and intellectual property and financial surpluses.

NAIG Council was a beneficiary to intellectual and financial legacies from both those events. 2002 NAIG provided a $100,000 financial contribution and 2008 NAIG has resulted in a $200,000 financial contribution. Intellectual property involved the transfer of planning documents from the host society to the Council and next hosts. The transfer of knowledge allowed Council to make great strides in terms of bidding, planning, oversight and future development.

A transfer of knowledge program from the 2008 NAIG provided an opportunity for Council to standardize hosting of the NAIG. A proposal to develop hosting standards, hosting agreements, contractual milestones and planning framework was funded through the 2008 NAIG legacy plan which resulted in professional level documentation which not only helped with hosting but also with other aspects of planning for a games.

Legacy Plans

2017 NAIG Legacy Plan

Unite Interactive