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Cowichan 2008 NAIG Legacy

February 4, 2013

“This Legacy Plan provides a planned strategy to identify and realize tangible and intangible legacy opportunities leading up to, during and after the Cowichan 2008 NAIG.  The Legacy Plan is a commitment to maximize the sport, economic, social, community, and cultural benefits through programs, physical, financial, human and knowledge assets through the hosting of the 2008 North American Indigenous GamesCowichan 2008 NAIG Legacy Plan

The NAIG Council was named a beneficiary of the financial surplus and intellectual property from the 2008 NAIG held in Cowichan, British Columbia.  The NAIG Council has been working diligently since the 2008 NAIG to meet several requirements set forth in the Cowichan 2008 NAIG Legacy Plan.  In November 2012, NAIG Council completed the final requirement in order to receive its’ funding.

The Cowichan 2008 NAIG Legacy Plan required; a multi-year senior staffing plan, marketing plan to recognize the contribution, funds development strategy, transfer of knowledge oversight plan, use and protection of fund policies, establish an account in a Canadian chartered bank and incorporate as a non-profit in Canada. 

These requirements led to the creation of a 3-year rolling business plan, an official policy manual, website and social media feeds.  We enlisted the help of the Roybal Bank of Canada and a legal team from Taylor McCaffrey Law Firm.  All the activities brought forward positive changes in how the Council operates and governs itself.  The 2008 legacy also led to improved communication and consultation with the Regina 2014 NAIG Host Society.   

Mike Sutherland, NAIG Council Treasurer, received the first payment of $75,000.  “The 2008 NAIG legacy funds will help NAIG Council with administrative and operating expenses ensuring the organization can fulfill its obligations to the youth it represents and to future NAIG hosts”.  A second payment of $100,000 is expected in June 2013. 

NAIG Council President Dave Canadian states “The NAIG Council will always be grateful to the people of Cowichan who welcomed us into their territory and hosted a great Games.  The Host Society was professional, highly organized, showed great leadership and set the new standard for future GamesProper planning and execution resulted in a legacy that is still being felt years after the Games.

* Pictured is NAIG Council Treasurer Mike Sutherland with cheque from the Cowichan 2008 NAIG Legacy Trustees.

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