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Cowichan 2008 NAIG Legacy

July 16, 2013

NAIG Council members, partners and supporters;

The NAIG Council is pleased to announce the receipt of the final payment from the Cowichan 2008 NAIG legacy funds in the amount of $100,000.00.

The funds are to be used within the conditions set out in the 2008 NAIG legacy plan. These include plans for senior staffing, legacy recognition, oversight for transfer of knowledge/information, financial management policies and revenue generation strategies.

NAIG Council President, Dave Canadian states “the true legacy of the 2008 NAIG in Cowichan, British Columbia is the wonderful and unforgettable experience it was for all participants, all made possible by the people of that territory”. 

The NAIG Council board of directors wish to thank the people of Cowichan and British Columbia for their hospitality and professionalism.  The legacy is a reminder of the great work that was done for Indigenous youth and sets the standard for future host societies. 


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