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2014 NAIG Sport Program

June 8, 2012

It is our pleasure to announce that the North American Indigenous Games Council has approved the 2014 North American Indigenous Games Governing Rules which outline the general rules for the NAIG event for a Host Society and participating teams.

The Sport & Technical Committee has also submitted a chart outlining the sports, age categories and years of birth for approval. This information is vital in the revision process of the Sport Technical Package. The Sport Technical Package contains sport specific rules with regards to age and event eligibility, sport technical information, tournament formats, scoring procedures and roster restrictions.

The following information has been approved and will be included in the 2014 NAIG Sport Technical Package:

Archery U16, U19 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Athletics U14, U16, U19 2000 & later, 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Badminton U15, U17 1999 & later, 1997 & later
Baseball U17 1997 & later
Basketball U14, U16, U19 2000 & later, 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Boxing 1 17-18, 16 can upgrade 1996-1997, 1998 upgrade
Canoeing 2 U14, U16, U19 2000 & later, 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Lacrosse U19 1995 & later
Golf U16, U19 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Rifle Shooting U16, U19 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Soccer U16, U18 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Softball U16, U19 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Swimming U14, U16, U19 2000 & later, 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Volleyball U16, U19 1998 & later, 1995 & later
Wrestling 16-18, 15 can upgrade 1996-1998, 1999 upgrade

1 - Boxing will be under priority review by the Sport & Technical Committee for discussion by Council, depending on the participation there is potential for this sport to be cancelled.

2 - Canoe/Kayak Canada is has submitted a proposal for the inclusion of kayak into the Canoeing event, the Regina 2014 NAIG Host Society is working with their provincial sport organization on hosting requirements. This will not increase the number of participants within Canoeing.

Several sports have been put in an “Under Review” status which means that the NAIG Council will be reviewing 2014 NAIG registration data and regional participation rates to discuss the future of these sports in the NAIG sport program beyond 2014. These sports include:

  1. 3D Archery
  2. Badminton
  3. Baseball
  4. Lacrosse
  5. Rifle Shooting
  6. Wrestling

If there are any questions please direct them first to your Provincial, Territorial or State team representatives. If you do not know who they are please contact Norman Ettawacappo, NAIG Council Coordinator at or telephone at 1-800-453-7239. He will put you in contact with them.

Thank you,
Dave Canadian, NAIG Council President
Charly Kelly, Sport & Technical Committee chairperson

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