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2027 NAIG Age Categories and Trial Sport

April 16, 2024


April 16, 2024

2027 North American Indigenous Games Age Categories and Trial Sport


The North American Indigenous Games (NAIG) Council is pleased to announce the following age categories and trial sport for the 2027 NAIG in Calgary, Alberta:


Age Categories

U18 (2009 or later) & U15 (2012 or later)

Trial Sport

Arctic Sports


In November 2023, the NAIG Council hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the traditional land of the Morongo Tribe in California. During the AGM, there was a facilitated discussion around the sustainability and future of NAIG. It is important to NAIG Council that we continuously strive to have a successful and sustainable games. The NAIG Council regularly evaluates its policies, rules, and regulations to ensure that the games are one of the premier multisport games across Turtle Island. Council believes that a move from three age categories to two will help with the sustainability and risk management of the games.


The NAIG Council is also pleased to announce that Arctic Sports will be a trial sport at the 2027 NAIG in Calgary, Alberta. Arctic Sports are a collection of games, disciplines, and social events that are an important part of the way of life in the circumpolar north and have been since the earliest days. The games are rich in social and cultural elements designed to help build power, strength and endurance, all part of helping people survive in the harsh realities of the Arctic. The games also help build friendship, patience, perseverance, and leadership. With disciplines such as the One and Two-Foot-High Kick, One Hand Reach, Kneel Jump and Triple Jump, adding Arctic Sports to the list of competitions at the 2027 games will help develop and promote this rich and vibrant contemporary sport.


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